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for Dentists who don't want to be stressed under closer scrutiny.

Australia's premier solution for smart business management and dental practice accreditation. Whether you have signed up for accreditation, and want to make sure it doesn't take up so much staff time in the future, or just want to gain a greater sense of control of your business processes. You will never make a better choice than joining the many dentists who are SMART. SmartDentist is practical, because it is designed and used by practicing dentists. SmartDentist is convenient and saves practices from expensive staff downtime. SmartDentist retains intellectual property within the practice - saving pressure on your staff to remember 'what and how' every time a change occurs.

You stay up-to-date with your clinical dentistry and let us keep your practice up-to-date with stress-free control of your practice practical management.


Infection Control Manual

Required by Dental Board of Australia. SmartDentist provides a range of completed template policies for you to simply accept into your on-line manual. All policies are complete with references and if you want you can be edited to suite all needs.

Dental Practice Accreditation

Allowing Dental Practices to explore all aspects of accreditation BEFORE committing their dental practice. For practices who have or will complete accreditation SmartDentist understands that the ability to have a time friendly sustainable system for completing accreditation tasks is a "must."

Staff Training/CPD

You don't need surgery downtime for staff to undertake easy but important training refresher topics. Individual staff training registers automatically completed with these on-line training courses, ready for you to show your accreditation agency.

Policies and Procedures

An extensive range of policies and procedures are available covering topics from Workplace bullying to Privacy to Fire and Emergency Management. These template policies come completed with references and can be adapted if they don't quite fit your needs.

Online..Mac; PC or tablet friendly

Law requires that your staff have access to compulsory infection control documents and your policies. Be smart about how you manage these legal requirements.

New Staff induction and other forms/registers

Forms for Job descriptions; Staff Immunisation; Individual training registers; Incident reporting; SDS; Risk Registers; Clinical Guidelines...

From dentists just like you!


Smart dentist made it all possible. I couldn't have done it without your help. Everything was in the one place and I just had to modify it and then apply it. I didn't have to read the descriptions and work out what they wanted. I think it was the best thing I have ever done as far as practice management goes.
Helen Jun 2013

"Hello Glenda,
On behalf of the team at C.............. Clinic, I would like to say thank you for all of your help. We really love your program and thank you for all it offers our practice.

Kind regards,
Rebecca Nov 2013

"Hi Glenda,
Absolutely excited and relieved that dental practice accreditation has been awarded. You offer an excellent service with Smart Dentist and your help and feedback has been invaluable to say the least. I am encouraging a couple of my friends to get accreditation via Smart Dentist. You do learn a lot of things along the way..."
George 24 Jan 2014