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Content Management Solution for:

  • Equipment and Asset Management

  • Practice accreditation

  • Policies and Procedures

Australia's leading solution for smart business management and Dental practice accreditation. Whether you have signed up for accreditation or just want to regain understanding of your business. You will never make a better choice than joining the many dentists who are SMART.

Timetabling and tracking your business processes

  • Simple
  • All Staff have 24/7 to individual access
  • Logical - Links education, decision making tools and resources (decreasing information overload!)
  • Practical - "Just tell me what to do friendly"
  • Time saving, staff time saving; efficient; storage and paper saving.


On-line practical solution for the day-to-day issues

Log in online anytime, anywhere on a Mac, PC, tablet or phone to get a real-time access to overview the practical aspects of your business.
Staff individual access because they really want to do whats 'right'.

It's smart simple business savvy way of keeping up-to-date with stress-free control of your practice practical management.

smartdentist compliance

It's easier for everyone if we all know what we are supposed to be doing. Reduce stress. Set yourself and your team reminders. Your appointment book enables your efficent management and now be Smart around the practice as well. Compliance worries shouldn't hinder running your business. Regain a sense of understanding - without a high cost.


Policies and Procedures

Training and CPD
- Dentists and DA's

New staff induction

Equipment/Assets register

Incident reporting

Risk register

Equipment replacement timetable

Clinical guidelines register

Accreditation mapping

Maintenance reporting

All Staff online access

Meeting/ Communication


What our subscribers say -

"Hi Glenda,
Absolutely excited and relieved that dental practice accreditation has been awarded.You offer an excellent service with Smart Dentist and your help and feedback has been invaluable to say the least. I am encouraging a couple of my friends to get accreditation via Smart Dentist.You do learn a lot of things along the way..."
George 24 Jan 2014

"Hello Glenda,
On behalf of the team at C.............. Clinic, I would like to say thank you for all of your help. We really love your program and thank you for all it offers our practice.

Kind regards,
Rebecca Nov 2013

Smart dentist made it all possible. I couldnt have done it without your help. Everything was in the one place and I just had to modify it and then apply it. I didn't have to read the descriptions and work out what they wanted. I think it was the best thing I have ever done as far as practice manmagement goes.
Helen Jun 2013




Award for infection control

"It is the peace of mind I really value
          with having SmartDentist online."

Dr G, Glen Waverley, Vic