Our Product is SMART

Not just a content management system.
Each aspect of content is easily linked to related content.
Not a system but a solution for staff and management
- let staff focus on what they like doing best.

Policies and procedures manuals
NSQHS Standards

NSQHS Standards

Policies and procedures manuals

Staff access 24/7. Add your own policies independently or with our help. Remember business legislative requirements including accreditation. Practice procedures for infection control; human resources; clinical management and office management.

Training and CPD

Set up and record mandatory training. Staff can independently record or add in their own training. Team training can be easily recorded by administrators.Timetable and record it online.

Risk management

Risk register with the ability to link it from incidents and onwards to policies. Because of risks, we set policies, which need training and can be monitored with competency assessment.

Incident reporting

OH&S standards require an audit trail and documentation. Make the process easy and transparent for all.

Special templates

Ask about our policies or we can easily link in any policies templates for you.

Youtube friendly

Simplify new staff training by simply including youtube videos. Most staff would rather see what needs to be done than read complex information.

Staff signoff

Easily select policies, training or audits for staff to complete and signoff. Timetable mandatory training.
Send out meeting agendas and allocate and email tasks. Staff can signoff on completion.


Individuals and the business can monitor completion and keep everyone on track.
New employee induction is made very simple.