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Cost to join SmartDentist

The cost for joining SmartDentist is the same for one person or a whole practice. This includes all the CPD exercises that are suitable for Dentists, Dental practitioners and Dental Assistants.

  • $535 + GST Initial first payment total (including the first month)
  • $25 + GST Each subsequent month

Only credit card
We only accept credit card direct debit.

Money back guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with SmartDentist, you have a 7 day money back guarantee*, no questions asked, you will receive a full refund.

Minimum join time
Your initial payment includes your first month of joining. You can leave Smartdentist at any time but we do ask for 1 week notice.


To join SmartDentist

  1. Download the Direct Debit payment authority. Direct Debit Authority
  2. Complete, scan and email to


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You're not joining hero's

Welcome to SmartDentist.
The aim of SmartDentist is not to join with a group of hero's.
We don't ask our staff to be superstars or hero's (although sometimes that would be fantastic!).
SmartDentist is for dental practices where it would be good to have a bit of outside help to keep us all "on track". It is comforting to know that SmartDentist is designed and managed by a 'real person'. Please feel free to contact me. I am easiest to get on email and am happy to answer any questions e.g. especially ones that you might be nervous asking the ADA.

Often staff have been trained one particular way of completing tasks so they may be confused if new methods or procedures are introduced. I am happy to discuss these issues with staff or dentists.

Glenda Farmer