Dental practice accreditation
and complying with Dental Board and ADA requirements

Owning or managing a dental practice has become more difficult in recent times.

The Dental Board of Australia (APHRA) has removed its guidelines on Infection Control making compliance less clear for dental practices. Dental practices are required to conform with state government requirements and National Standards and need someone to ask who is "safe" for staff and owners.

Staff movements and career changes mean dental practices are looking for solutions to compliance that are online and available to all staff and practitioners 24/7. No-one wants to lose their systems as staff change and leave!
Our staff have never liked reading long policies so Smartdentist makes it easy to add in any youtube videos your staff can film. Great for new staff induction.

Designed to work in a real dental practice and by dentists and dental teams, Smartdentist is an incredibly clever online content management solution. We have an extensive library of templated (already filled in) policies and procedures so you can be assured that your staff don't need to waste their time reinventing infection control policies, work health and safety policies or human resources policies. All information can be modified to your own needs and requirements. We can help you with the ADA templated policies and fill in the gaps!

Best infection control practices

Infection Control

Because we are dentists and practice managers we understand how important infection control is to your dental practice

Dental practice accreditation


Is someone making dental practice accreditation really complex?
It shouldn't be. Ask us today.

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Member of the ADA?

That's great. The ADA recommends hand hygiene audits, infection control policies and staff training.

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Cleaning schedules, audits, incident reporting etc. Free templates of policies

What do our subscribers think?

I was overwhelmed with the accreditation reading and process. Thanks for walking with us, all the way to accreditation. We would always recommend using Smartdentist.
Our team is now able to access training and policies via their iphones. Smartdentist makes it possible for us to be involved and we made youtube videos of setup and clean for each chair. New staff members love that!
My staff have enough to do without endless documentation! As an owner it is especially important to me that I know where our information is stored if a staff member is sick or resigns.