Dental staff and practitioners
Is practice compliance taking the joy out of being a healthcare practioner?

You and your staff now have an easier way to manage the constantly changing burden of compliance in dental practice.
SmartDentist is an intelligent content management system.
Our SMART solution allows you to use our wide range of filled-in template policies and procedures for infection control, dental practice accreditation, work health and safety, human resources, and TGA compliance. Including adverse incident reporting, and clever communication processes and recording.
As a content management system you can add in your own ADA templated policies or your own youtube videos (or we can do it for you at no extra cost).
Some of the top Dental Practice managers have introduced their practices to Smartdentist - so the Dental Practice manager is able to do the best job they can.
We are here to help.

Best infection control practices

Infection Control

We understand how important Infection Control is to your dental practice.
Are you in NSW with the Dental Council or Queensland where the Health Department is more active?

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Dental practice accreditation

Dental practice accreditation

Is someone making Dental practice accreditation sound really complex?
It shouldn't be. We have simplified the process without you needing to get on excel or word documents or setting up your own audits and training.

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TGA compliance

Are TGA manufacturer rules relevant to you?

Smartdentist now has policies and procedures that will help you comply to requirements.

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Covid plan

Did you need to work out Covid yourself?

Smartdentist had/has filled-in templated policies for users - developed realtime as the government changed the rules.

Covid plan

Staff training requirements difficult to manage?

Smartdentist has online staff training, an online training register for all staff and ideas for staff meeting topics.

Covid plan

Already paying ADA membership fees?

That's great. We have both ADA members and non-members. We compliment your ADA subscription by having audits and compliance systems that the ADA recommends you set up.

Check out Smartdentist on youtube
Accessible 24/7 and iphone friendly

Smartdentist changes with your dental practice needs
because it is developed and run by a dentist to manage the needs for her own practice.
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I can't believe how quick the process was!
Jess 2019

"Hello Glenda,
Thanks for walking me through this. I tried and was just getting more confused. Kind regards,
Jeff 2019

"Hi Glenda,
I feel "Smart" when I use Smartdentist. I tell all my dental friends. [perhaps not my competitors :) ]
George 24 Jan 2019