Smartdentist was designed to make dental accreditation easier

Whether you are doing dental practice accreditation because you are required to do it as a preferred provider or because you think it sounds like a good idea... Smartdentist will make the process easier.

How does Smartdentist help?
If undertaking QIP assessed accreditation you will have access to a range of word document policies and excel spread sheet templates.
They are great but are not solutions to managing the ongoing processes. Staff time is usually better spend on other dental practice requirements, rather than trying to work out how to use the resources.
Smartdentist is a solution so your staff don't need to work out how to use those resources or complete those resources.

For example:

Non-ADA options for accreditation
Accreditation is not ADA accreditation and it is not QIP accreditation. While Smartdentist has fantastic solutions to make QIP/ADA assessment easy it also offers you the choice of using HDAA as your accreditation assessor. You are being accredited against the same standard.

Smartdentist is simple for subscribers to call for advise in the whole accreditation process. In most cases Smartdentist, as part of the subscription benefits, does the document upload for both QIP and HDAA accreditation.

New Accreditation coming soon
The accreditation standards for dental practice are due to change on 2021. Smartdentist will be active in working for you to keep you informed when changes are annouced.